Children are the citizens of tomorrow. It is therefore imperative that the formative years of a child be nurtured in the most appropriate and righteous way. It is with this noble thought in mind that the KLE Society has established schools that serve as the most important stepping stone in a child’s educational life.

We provide ample opportunity to each child to explore his or her own capabilities and area of interest. The work systems and interventions facilitate the inculcation of good values, character, ethical behaviour, confidence and leadership qualities.

The coordination committee constituted to monitor and develop every aspect of student learning ensures strict adherence to objectives and participational compliance with the academic standards and educational philosophy. Every child is a work of art and every teacher is an artist who infuses expression and thought into each individual.

We welcome our students to blossom at KLE.

Dr. Preeti Doddwad
Co-ordinator, KLE English Medium Schools
KLE Society, Belagavi