KLE The Banyan

Banyan is the Tree of Knowledge according to Indian folklore. The shade of this marvellous tree not only gives shelter but also provides for a lot of scintillating conversations and wisdom to all gathered beneath its munificent spread. The ‘many footed one’ has aerials roots hanging down from branches making new trunks. This ever-spreading sweep of branches and roots symbolise our spreading community. Banyan offers something special to your very special children. By providing the best learning opportunities blended with the right does of fun and frolic.

Learning in children starts from the moment they open his eyes. Every little thing that happens around them gets assessed and analysed in their highly active minds. It is the time when the minds are most receptive and can be moulded, chiselled and sharpened to the most beneficial effects. Our entire approach is based on this philosophy. Which is why we bring the best available to your child-not just by the Indian perspective but also by international standards.

All, knowledge, spiritual and secular, is stored in the human mind, just as a huge banyan tree lies in a tiny seed. The function of a teacher is only to help that seed sprout and grow. – Swami Vivekanand

Why Banyan

The Banyan’s maxim of teaching and the theory of our education process evolves from the balance of the opposite’s.

Our programmes are designed to sustain the child’s interest which is enjoyable yet educative, where learning is fun. The lessons are taught in a friendly environment and designed to nourish full range of a Emotional Development, Socialisation, Language and Communication, Cognitive Skills, Gross & Fine Motor Skills, Computer Skills, Music & Rhythm, Dramatic Play.


The Banyan forges partnership with parents to provide their children an environment that enables them to have an optimum growth of the mind, body and soul. We identity and provide opportunities so that the children’s skills are harnessed, for them to emerge as winners in their respective chosen fields.


To be a centre of learning which provides a congenial atmosphere for students to excel academically and develop into ethically strong and morally elevated individuals.